You will certainly feel the difference with your crisp and clean bed linens. We use the same gentle cleaning and finishing methods to guarantee beautiful result.

Ironwood Cleaners is proud to announce that all of your cleaned comforters, blankets, duvets and pillows will be returned to you, in breathable storage bags. All of our storage bags have zipper sliders for quick and easy access.

Specialized Dry Cleaning

Special garments deserve special care and we ensure that your garments are given the with great care. Dry cleaning is the only way to clean many fabrics and is also the best method for many others. Dry cleaned fabrics last and look good longer because there is no water and very little agitation or abrasion in the dry cleaning process.

Shirt Service

Ironwood Dry Cleaners use the best detergents, cleaning technology and pressing equipment to produce whiter whites and brighter colours while using lower water temperatures to prolong the life of your shirts. Collars and cuffs are pre-treated before cleaning and all shirts are given personal care. Any missing or broken buttons are replaced to ensure your shirts are returned to you ready-to-wear

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is a symbol of an important event and should be treated with special care. Whether you are having it made, buying it new, or borrowing it from a relative, your gown deserves professional attention.

Your special day can be hard on your special dress. Do not store it without getting it cleaned first. The key to beautifully cleaning and preserving your gown is to begin the process as soon as possible. Stains will not have time to set and/or oxidize, which can make it much more difficult to achieve complete stain removal.

Alteration and repair

Our tailors work with you on your favourite garments to make sure you get a perfect fit every time. Unlike many cleaners that send their alteration work off site, our premier tailoring services tailors and seamstresses who work on-site to provide our customers with fast service. Our skilled team takes the best possible care of your garments using on-site industrial sewing machines.

Choose a local quality service for your alterations and repairs. Choose Ironwood Cleaners.

Common items:

hems – raise, lower, repair

  • pants/slacks – take in, take out
  • zippers – repair, new , replace
  • seams – repair
  • pockets – repair, replace
  • shirts – sleeves, take in
  • jackets - sleeves
  • resize your dress, suit, other garments – smaller or larger
  • vintage clothing – restyle to your specifications
Area rug cleaning

Premium exotic rugs are timeless works of art and the professionals at Ironwood Cleaners are passionately committed to protecting their character, precious beauty and value. The world’s finest handmade rugs, whether new, antique, silk or wool, with their rich, natural hues, can accumulate layers of dirt and soil that degrade their appearance, integrity and quality.

Preserving and restoring the magnificence of every delicate, allergen-free fibre of your fine rugs requires safe and gentle, non-traditional cleaning products and procedures. Ironwood Cleaners are connoisseurs in caring for contemporary and heirloom floor coverings to ensure they can be treasured for generations to come.

Pick And Drop

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